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School Lobby Visitor Registration on iPad

Sign in lobby visitors and print badges wirelessly from your iPad

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Greet your visitors with innovation.

Visitu improves building and school security by providing lobby visitor management software on an iPad. Visitu allows schools and businesses to manage visitors and know who is on their campus or in their facility at all times.

Visitu is a beautifully designed app that leverages the power of the iPad to sign visitors in and out. Visitu collects your visitors’ name, company name, email address, photo and the purpose of their visit.

Improve your school security and know who is on campus.

Visitu has been developed for the specific needs of K-12 public, private and independent schools and districts. Visitu for Education tracks, monitors and manages who enters your campus and also prints badges for all visitors, parents, contractors and volunteers.

With over 600,000 registered sex offenders in the United States; all visitors who enter your school should be checked against the National Sex Offender Registry database. Visitu for Education runs an instant sex offender background check for all visitors, and notifies selected administration via email and SMS when an offender alert occurs.

Have your visitors sign agreements at check in.

Need visitors to sign an NDA when they check in? How about a waiver or other type of agreement? Visitu allows visitors to sign legal documents digitally with the touch of their finger.

Visitu can display these contracts to guests and require their signature during the sign in process. You can download the signed agreements at any time in PDF format from the Visitu web dashboard. All visitor and agreement data is stored in our secure cloud and accessible from any mobile device or web browser.


Discover the awesome features.

Take Visitor Photos

Visitor photos are taken at sign in with the built-in iPad camera.

Badge Printing

Print visitor badges straight from the iPad to a wireless label printer.
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Employee Notifications

Employees are notified via Email and SMS when a visitor arrives.
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Quick Badges

Assign frequent visitors a quick badge to allow swift sign in.
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Signed Agreements

Visitors can sign your custom agreements at check in.
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Visitor Dashboard

Know who is on campus, monitor visitors from the web dashboard.
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Drivers License Scanning

Scan the Barcode on a Drivers license to input information.

Offender Check

Run a registered sex offender background check on all visitors.

Logs & Reports

View and Print daily, weekly, monthly or custom visitor reports.


Trusted by the Top Schools

We help some of the top schools nationwide manage their lobby visitors and improve their school security.

Plans & Pricing

Our Mission is to make check-in awesome! Get rid of your paper sign-in sheet at the front desk for good!

Business Plan


  • Unlimited Visitor Check-ins
  • Capture Visitor Photos
  • Visitor Badge Printing
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Frequent Visitor Quick Badges
  • Custom NDA Agreements
  • Unlimited Custom Questions
  • Visitor Web Dashboard
  • Visitor Logs & Reports

Education Plan


  • Unlimited Visitor Check-ins
  • Capture Visitor Photos
  • Visitor Badge Printing
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Frequent Visitor Quick Badges
  • Sex Offender Background Checks
  • Drivers License Scanning
  • Visitor Web Dashboard
  • Visitor Logs & Reports

Print badges for your visitors.

Visitor badges can help you identify visitors and increase lobby security to areas not open to the public.

Configure Visitu with one of the supported printers to print guest badges.

When visitors come to your company for a meeting, issuing a visitor badge is a quick and easy way for them to be immediately identified, which also enhances your company image. Your employees can simply focus on welcoming visitors, without worrying whether they should be on the premises.

Get notified via Email and SMS when visitors arrive.

Employees are notified via email and text message when a visitor arrives.

Don't keep your guests waiting. Visitu sends a SMS and/or email messages to the employees that your visitors are here to see without the need for a receptionist to track them down. Emails also contain a picture of the vsitior so that employees can put a face to a name.

For Visitu for Education, administrators are alerted via SMS and Email if a sex offender alert occurs.

Issue your frequent visitors a Quick Badge for swift sign in.

Quick Badges were created to allow frequent visitors to your facility a simple and quick way to sign in via the Visitu iPad app. Once you issue a Quick Badge to a visitor they will simply save it to their smartphone camera roll.

When visitors attempt to sign in using the Visitu iPad, they will simply tap the Lightning Bolt icon on the home screen of the Visitu iPad and scan the QR Code that is at the bottom of their issued Quick Badge with the front-facing iPad camera. This will sign them into the facility swiftly. Sign out will be done the same way.

Monitor visitors on your campus.

The Visitu dashboard provides schools and businesses with a real-time snapshot of visitors on campus.

Visitu is cloud based so deploying and maintaining your iPad devices is simple. Our dashboard allows you to easily configure and make changes to each Visitu iPad by simply logging into your account.

The safety of the students and staff at every school is the number one priority.